Backlinks are to your Blog what an Eagle is to your Golf Score!

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Can't stress this point enough… It's all about quality content! Even if you are sharing what others have already written, it's got to add value to people's lives for work or whatever!

This being said, the importance of backlinks in your SEO efforts is critical.

This article that I found on Francisco Rosales blog titled, SocialMouths, gives good quality advice on this subject.


Working from home has challenges we all share… this could help!

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This article had some great tips that I know I will use in my daily working life at home to help me be more productive!

9 Ways To Increase Your Productivity While Working From Home


Hope you get some nuggets also.

Mobile Coupons are consumer friendly as you'll see here

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Are we fast becoming a 'Coupon' society? With over 450 coupons websites, services and providers… I guess you could say YES! Will this change the way we do business forever? Will every seller do what many jewelry stores do… mark it up 80% and then sell it for a 'hot deal' at 50% off?

How will we ever know what something should cost?

We may never again and that's just life. Coupons are here to stay, but at least they are now becoming green!

This is a compelling article on the power of coupons and moreover the great use of Mobile Coupons as an effective marketing method for businesses.

Enjoy and be sure to tell me what you think!

LinkedIn expands and here's some tips for those who don't realize how powerful it is to utilize for your business.

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Read this great blog post done by the 60 Second Marketer on tip for using LinkedIn to build your business. I have to admit, I have not been as active on LindedIn as I want to be, so these tips helped me understand how easy it can be.

I'm going to join 5 groups and visit one each day!

Any suggestions on groups for me to join?

Are your numbers going in the direction you want?

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The number one mistake you can make is not to track your numbers so taht you can actually tell if your campaigns are working!

I know it sounds boring… and maybe even ardous. The results will overwhelm you though. It just takes time for the actual benefits to show themselves in your business. Much like a fitness program, it takes commitment and dedication to stick to it and trust the process.

Here are some great resources from the Template Monster Blog for tracking your results on your Facebook pages.

Not sure which one is best for you, but I'd love to hear about your results with any of these… so leave a comment for everyone to benefit from okay?

Here's to your success online!

Lisa Lewis, Chief Inspiration Officer at Leading Edge Marketing Solutions